"In Between" is a chronologically nonlinear soundscape, created from the “dead moments” of past interviews. I reassembled these lost snippets of conversation—none of which were included in initial broadcasts—to reconsider those moments I had previously overlooked.

When viewed in context of the last decade of Claremont's constant cycle of crisis around Title IX, the decision feels more inevitable than unprecedented. For the third episode on sexual assault at Claremont, we ask a simple question without any straightforward answer: how did we get here?

A project stemming from Aimee Bahng’s Gender and Women’s Studies class, in this bonus episode, Lucy Gold, August Khan, and myself look into derogatory language to see how offensive words are complicated by the process of re-association.

When Orientation Adventure—Pomona's four-day outdoors trip for incoming students often called OA—was cancelled, campus activism sprung into rare form. Within exactly one week, the Dean of Students Office retracted their decision.

In the second part of our series about sexual assault on campus, Title IX, and “The Lists,” I talk with a person who understands these lists in a ways most of us cannot—he’s actually on one of them.

To start off this three part series on “The Lists,” we try to learn what they were, why they were made, and if they are really so different from practices that have existed outside the Claremont bubble for some time.

Between February 22nd and March 8, The Hive and DisCo put on a series of podcasting workshops, where participants made their own collaborative podcast over the course of just three workshops. They did the interviews, created the storyboard, and produced the episodes all by themselves.

Sully and I discuss hookup culture at The Claremont Colleges. We talk with experts such as Professor of Sociology at Occidental, Lisa Wade. We also talk with student Audrey Jang, the President of the Pomona Student Union, who brought Professor Wade to campus.

To keep a college football team running, it takes lots of people: coaches, physical therapists, boosters, and maybe even a team psychologist. To keep players looking sharp underneath the helmets, there’s the team barber. Or as is the case for the UAB Blazers football team, make that barbers.

Gentrification has been an issue in the August 22nd city elections. It’s unclear whether a change in city leadership will affect the task force. Some task force members told WBHM they knew very little about the group’s plans so far. The mayor’s office did not respond to requests for an interview.