Politcal Science

I walk down colonial era streets that course with cosmopolitan energy. My WiFi runs on a mesh network, but is powered by a grid that goes dark one quarter of the year. Old and new seems to blend fluidly into an altogether indescribable phenomena.

The news can be defined as information about events, individuals, and forces outside the realm of one’s immediate, knowable reality. The news media, then, are the means, methods, and mediums by which this information transfers from its origin “out there” to you.

My capstone project for the Pomona politics major was a 12 book collection that explored modern journalism’s collision course with the digitally-networked reality of the current era.

If there is one “unequivocal truth” to be deduced from reading exclusively books about journalism, it’s that 2019 is not journalism's first crisis. If we’ll allow ourselves a second — it’s probably that unequivocal truth doesn’t exist. When dealing in unequivocal truths, it’s best to stick to one.